Decorating with Yellow, the Sunshine Color

Yellow is a fairly universal color I feel, and therefore it is quite easy to incorporate it into almost any decorating scheme. This sunshine color blends well with a number of other colors including the earth tones of browns, greens, rusts, and all your naturals. For a more bold color scheme, yellow can be used with darker colors like blacks, navy blues or teal. Yellow is color that has many decorating options. Here are some of my favorite ideas for using yellow to decorate in your home.

In the bedroom yellow can be used in a number of ways to decorate. For a softer look, it will blend well with your pale colored walls and ceilings like whites and creams. A yellow coverlet atop a bed of natural colored linens will add the perfect touch of color to a somewhat pale, subdued bedroom. For a bolder looking yellow decor you may wish to go with yellow walls and brown shades for your bedding, adding throw pillows with a touch of yellow in the fabric. Linen colored window curtains would work well with either of these looks.

In your living room or family room, golden yellow walls will coordinate with your brown furniture tones and trim. Your leather furniture, if that is what you prefer, will also work well with your golden yellow walls. For carpeting I suggest going with your neutrals to offset the room. Accent colors that would work well with this decorating color scheme are shades of green, teals or rusts for your furniture throws, wall hangings, pillows etc.

When choosing colors to decorate your kitchen there’s nothing better, in my opinion, then the color yellow. It adds a ray of sunshine to the room where family and friends usually gather for that nice meal. Yellow can be used in a number of ways in your kitchen decorating. Table lines, chair pads, dinnerware and your kitchen accessories like potholders and dishtowels are just a few of the many ways to add yellow in your kitchen. Back-splashes and wallpaper borders with yellow patterns in them give your kitchen a nice burst of color. For a very bold look in your kitchen decorating you may want to try yellow cabinetry. I’ll admit this probably isn’t for everyone, but I did see it on HGTV and it wasn’t that bad. The counter-tops were done in a shade of off-white and the look was very homey, I thought.

Yellow can also be used for decorating the bathroom, laundry room, your home office and of course the nursery, especially if your unsure of the sex of that new arrival. The options are endless in using yellow to decorate. I hope some of these tips will be helpful if you’re considering using the color yellow for decorating in your home.