United Eco-Action Fund

ECOnomy and ECOlogy, in their essential life sustaining function, are two aspects of the same reality. Economy is management of the wealth and resources. Ecology is the web of life forms and the environment.

UNITED ECO-ACTION FUND (“UNECO”) promotes the coalescence of environmental and social organizations into a global movement and has since 1997 produced educational videos and literature, supported artists and students, organized experimental organic gardens, given lectures, provided voting information, and issued American Wilderness Heritage Guardian awards to activists such as Vice President Al Gore, Robert Redford, and Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Our Mission Statement best defines our endeavors.

In 2001 UNECO awarded Congressman (OH) Dennis Kucinich an honorary position on its roster of American Wilderness Heritage Guardians for his unrelenting support of the environment and sponsorship of legislation toward a sustainable economy.

“I was one of the few US officials at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg. To repair the earth, America must lead.”

“I’m not tied to any corporate interests that would strip our forests, that would pollute our air or water. Throughout my career, I have worked for structures of law that protect the environment, and the principles that animate my life are principles of sustainability” – Dennis Kucinich

In 1997 UNECO awarded Vice President Al Gore an honorary position on its roster of American Wilderness Heritage Guardians for his a spiritual and political landmark: Earth in the Balance (view Al Gore’s letter).Writing this book was an act of great courage at a time when passionate support of environmentalism was tantamount to political suicide.

“Ecology is economy.”

“In the 1930’s, when Kristallnacht revealed the nature of Hitler’s intentions toward the Jews, there was a profound failure of historical imagination. The United States – and the rest of the world – was slow to act. Few could conceive of the Holocaust to follow…Now warnings of a different sort signal an environmental holocaust without precedent. But where is the moral alertness that might make us more sensitive to the new pattern of environmental change…we are still reluctant to believe that our worst nightmares of global ecological collapse could come true: much depends upon how quickly we can recognize the danger.” – Al Gore