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Human Freedom Demands Individuals Making Informed Global Choices

Since its inception in 1997, UNECO has supported regional and international environmental and educational programs aimed at promoting a deeper understanding of the effects our daily choices have on the world around us.

Luminous Compass

An exposé on the effects of hegemonic forces in modern culture and media on our chances for survival as a species.


Luminous Compass

Luminous Compass explores the manipulation of humanity by cultural hegemony and illustrates the urgency of rising global dangers.

Featuring Noam Chomsky, Hugo Chavez, Greg Palast, Eva Golinger, and others. Project in production.

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American Bison

Though numbers have risen through captive breeding programs, only an estimated 30,000 American bison roam free in the wild.


Forest Conservation

UNECO promoted land acquisition and public support in protecting the Cleveland National Forest, one of the 20 most threatened environmental regions in the world.

UNECO provided educational material to the national and international community advocating the restoration of the American buffalo herds under the guardianship of the continent's native inhabitants.

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Deflating the Elephant

Private interests leverage proven linguistic techniques in an attempt to discredit the scientific community and political movements seeking to embrace a sustainable future.


Deflating the Elephant

Produced in cooperation with Academy-Award winner Sean Penn and UC Berkeley Professor George Lakoff, UNECO completed Deflating The Elephant, the third in a series of films exploring the increasing distortion of political and environmental language by large media outlets and think tanks.

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Sustainable Agriculture

Hawaii, though home to some of the world's most lush landscapes, still imports over 90% of its food.


Community Gardens

UNECO collaborated with community organizations in establishing and promoting some of the first shared gardens on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The project included several programs for young people who assisted community members jump-start their backyard gardens by rototilling plots and providing seeds.

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Canyon de Chelly


Reflecting one of the longest continuously inhabited landscapes of North America, Canyon de Chelly sustains a living community of Navajo people, who are connected to a landscape of great historical and spiritual significance.

The canyon contains sufficient natural water sources to nourish patches of lush vegetation and agriculture.

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